17 feb 2013

Stephanie Roland

I use new communication medias and modern technologies (photography, videos, photo retouching,special papers, computer programming, social networks, sensors) in order to find new perspectives for themes such as death, memory, childhood and authority. Les Enfants-modèles is a project about childhood where different temporalities cross each other: History, life span, childhood length, memory length and time of exposure.

These children seem to be timeless. What period are they from? When were these photos taken? Why do they seem so calm? Are they punished? Are they treated like adults too early? Or perhaps they are dead? Certain things may transform themselves, depending on the lighting and point of view we see them with. They take on another meaning and bring you to the other side of the picture.

Texto: Stephanie Roland
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Ganadora del Premio Full Contact TPS (SCAN-Tarragona)
Sección: 26 Domingos de Fotografía SCAN

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