7 abr 2013

Marcel Pedragosa


This series has the intention to recreate a new and distinct visual interpretation of the western city across a type of photography that breaks with the stereotyped look, which is always present in the history of Paris metropolis. At the same time, Parisii distances from the pre-established photography model, the product of a continued repetition of the classic imagery attached to this city. All the images presented together with this letter of intent have been taken within the perimeter of the city of Paris. The main propose of this selection is not to show Paris “as we know it.” These images could come from any western metropolis. This project seeks to portray the daily activity of new values and conducts that impregnate the current urban culture in the contemporary society from a documentary optic. Solitude, individualism and ambiguity are some of the abstracts depicted in the overarching narrative inside these visions.



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