8 mar 2015

Mateusz Staniewski #ArtPhotoBCN

Selected Analog Dreams 

My concepts and subjects vary, I try to engage in multifarious projects, mingle techniques and simply experiment. To borrow a distinction coined by Jeff Wall, there are two kinds of photographers, namely hunters and farmers. The former literally tracks down and hunts for their images, while the latter stages or cultivates them over time through carefull planning. I do both. On the one hand I get easily inspired and become obsessed with photographic ideas and follow them painstakingly, on the other, I keep my eyes and mind open, I am always ready to 'shoot'.

I try to see things through different frames and formats. I turn my 'internal camera' on and look for a potential snapshot. My ideas evolve from everyday experience, drawings or films I have seen, books or magazines I have leafed through or apparently dormant memories that were just waiting for a trigger; they all elicit images in my mind. I then engage all my interest and energy to pursue the concept that is haunting me. These juxtaposed images are a way of capturing something invisible; a fragment of a memory or a dream. They often create a sense of uneasiness or weirdness, as though our mind was trying to overwrite something we know well but at the same time it could not eradicate the imprinted visual scenarios that we hold on to so much.

#recomiendo "Selected Analog Dreams ",la serie de Mateusz Staniewski en @eldadodelarte

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