1 may 2011

Branka Nedimovic

'The Disappeared'

At the time of the great crisis in Serbia, one journalist of a local television asked a fellow peasant at a market about how he lived. The peasant answered: “How? Like Lenin, neither alive, nor buried“. What he intended to point out was that there is nothing worse than being neither here nor there, neither alive nor dead, and when you are dead not to be even buried.

As human beings, we are all more or less the same in biological terms. We live and die, though we do it in miscellaneous ways. But, when we die, our bodies start decomposing into physical elements, which makes us all the same again. This series of photographs is about one of the greatest fears of the humankind – the fear of death and the unknown. Our own death will always remain a riddle to us, but the death of others, especially those with whom we are associated, seems the gravest tragedy.

No circumstance has a more devastating effect on a family and friends than the unknown whereabouts of the loved ones. These photographs are portraits of the people of unidentified backgrounds, officially proclaimed as disappeared. They were randomly taken from the internet and enlarged in print (as the original files allowed) to the point when their features “disappear“turning into mere pixels. Here they may stand as symbols of the state Serbia was going through in its recent history.

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Sanjalica dijo...

muy buen texto Pilar ;)
si, es verdad. es un dicho en serbio: ni vivo ni muerto... que claro tiene una conotación super negativa...
que proyecto más chulo!!!!
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