17 jul 2011

Ruben Reehorst

''Lust is an emotional force that arises from the psychological action of fantasizing about sex. It is distinct from the natural desire for sexual love inherent in the body. The action of 'Lusting' can induce a violent or self-indulgent psychic condition to arise. In the three Abrahamic religions Lust is considered a sin.''


From the very beginning of art,and throughout history,whether in painting,  sculpture, media, commercials, advertisements, magazines, and photography, the female nude has always been present. As an object or statement of desire, purity, sensuality, virginity, lust, and aesthetic form and shape. In the most literary definition ''Fine Art'' in photo's is synonimised with ''Nude Art''. It wans't untill the '80s that Helmut Newton brought out a different kind of female,one with independence and power, one that could crush the generalised image of women created by men (They Are Coming), and took fashion and art to a new level.

I admire women. I was raised between them, love(d) them, fought them, try to understand them, hugely respect their complexity and eternal beauty. I will never be one. I am a heterosexual male and also look at them from a point of attraction, imagination, and sexuality. Women are often portrayed as objects, carriers of all that we guys want.


This series is a combination of subjects. Polaroidnudes is both a tribute to women, aswell as a question; is what we see what we get or do we want to see what is presented by a pre-fabricated concept? Taking visual elements from the Renaissance, the Sixties, and the modern day as inspiration, I depict women from different ages and backgrounds in a state of anonimity, as keepers of a polaroidcamera, the most honest form of photography, as a metaphor for life itself.

I will far rather see the race of man extinct than that we should become less than beasts by making the noblest of God's creation, woman, the object of our lust. Gandhi.


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