14 ago 2011

David Molander

An Urban Anatomy

In the photographic project 'An Urban Anatomy' I am in pursuit of the essence of the urban centers. I believe it to be one of the most telling environments of our time with its complexity matched by the importance of understanding it. By the use of digital photography, I collect a documentary material that I dissect and reconstruct into large images that can be placed between document and fiction. The images consists of up to a hundreds photos. I cut open interiors, tunnels, sample the signs and the streetlights and insert them into new compositions. I stretch buildings, stitch together pavement and gather parts of the city that although closely linked, seldom meet. The project 'An Urban Anatomy' put emphasis on new relationships between architecture, living memory, social environment and the humans within it.

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3 comentarios :

Princesa Guerrera dijo...

I like the picture with a lot of outside ligths...good post

bubbles on my planet dijo...

un proyecto muy interesante, me gustan mucho la composición y el resultado de estas fotos. bss

Pilar dijo...

@Princesa Guerrera. Thanks!

@Bubbles on my planet. Nuevas vías para la creatividad fotográfica ;)